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Our marketplace provides an opportunity for you to generate revenue by helping businesses in your network find insurance. Easily track all matched referrals and see the new revenue stream begin to take shape.

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Our detailed interview process gathers the required business information to ensure an accurate and thoroughly vetted client to pass to the agent. The agent and carriers see the quote, and dispositions the outcome all in one place.

OUr Referral Program

Easy Account Setup

Simply enter in your email address, and a sales rep will help complete your setup.

Payment Flexibility

We're flexible so you get the best payout possible, ranging from revenue share to flat fee per match.

Go Live, Make Money

We setup a call transfer or data exchange and make sure the handoff goes smoothly.

What types of Business should I send?

Bold Penguin will find the exact product for your applicant. We'll take care of all the details, creating a better experience for everyone.


Applicant risk is too complex.


Risk is too small, or too big.


No competitive product or market.

Top Benefits of joining the marketplace

Our simple referral process will save you time and runaround. Be a better trusted advisor by providing a seamless experience for your clients.


Monetize every opportunity.


Get paid monthly.


Offer a better experience to applicants.


Most referral partners see up to a 75% match rate of their prospects.


Payout for top category prospects sent into the marketplace.


Our top partners see payouts over $100K per month.

What our contributors are saying

“We've always been pleased with the quality of Bold Penguin's product and the professionalism of their staff.”

“…our agents transferred those prospects directly to Bold Penguin who found a market for them.... and we got paid!  So easy to do.”


Learn more about our referral program and how you can start generating profit in the Bold Penguin Marketplace.

How much will I be compensated?

The Bold Penguin Marketplace compensation is simple and fair. Bold Penguin splits all revenue generated with the original partner 50/50 and is happy to work out custom relationships.

What percentage of prospects end up as a monetized prospect?

Great question! This depends on the types of businesses you are referring to Bold Penguin. Most partners see up to 75% of prospects submitted by phone monetized.

What business classes do you see the most success with?

Bold Penguin has worked to make sure that there are no business classification gaps in our marketplace. The Bold Penguin Marketplace is thousands of agents strong, each with their own niche. Since we are not an agent or broker, we’re not restrained by the appetite of one or a few carriers.

Why type of insurance make sense to submit?

All commercial insurance types! General Liability, BOP, Workers' Comp, Commercial Auto, D&O, Bonds, E&O, etc.

How are the prospects that I submit tracked?

The Bold Penguin Marketplace gives you a transparent dashboard and reporting options so that you know where your campaign stands. You’ll never have to make a call to see how much revenue is generated from each submission or what percentage of your submissions are being turned into revenue.

Are there any setup or monthly costs?

There are no recurring or upfront costs.

Can I still call on prospects that I send to the marketplace?

No. In order to ensure optimal monetization of all prospects sent into the Bold Penguin Marketplace, we do not permit the sending partner to continue to call on any prospects once sent in.

Can I send you aged prospects?

Yes. We will accept your aged prospects under certain conditions. Please talk to one of our Bold Penguin Marketplace sales rep to see if your aged prospects qualify.

What carriers do you work with?

We work with a number of "A-Rated" carriers to help speed up and streamline the commercial underwriting process. Please see our demo to learn more.

How much volume can the marketplace handle?

All of it!

How will you make sure that my customer has the best experience possible?

Each prospect that you send to us is assigned a designated Customer Sucess Advocate who will work with them one-on-one to understand their business and ensure that they find the best insurance solution for their needs.

What type of organizations send into the Bold Penguin Marketplace?

Anyone who interacts with businesses that have an insurance need send into our marketplace.

Why do companies sign up to send into the marketplace?

Companies sign up to send into our marketplace to generate revenue while helping the businesses they come in contact with fill their insurance need efficiently.

How can you ensure a licensed agent will service my customer?

Bold Penguin uses proprietary filtering to only match customers with licensed agents who can service their state and insurance need.

How does the process actually work?

Join one of our weekly webinars for a detailed walk-through of how the process works from start to finish.

What are the benefits of using Bold Penguin as a send-side partner?

As a Bold Penguin referral partner you gain access to a marketplace that matches the businesses you interact with the very best insurance solution for their business through the use of a proprietary agent ranking algorithm developed by Bold Penguin in order to maximize Match Accuracy. You also generate a new revenue stream for your business by being paid for the successful hand off.

How transparent is the reporting process?

Completely transparent. As a sending partner you have access to a robust reporting interface that shows every opportunity that you have sent in and the amount it was monetized for.

What type of screening do you go through for new partners who want to send into the marketplace?

All sending partners go through a detailed screening and onboarding process prior to being able to send into the marketplace.

Is Bold Penguin an agent or broker?

No, we are not. We simply provide the marketplace connecting agents, brokers, and carriers. We leave the selling and the advising up to you. To learn more, please sign up or register for a webinar here.


Clients are uninformed and rely on agents, agents depend on carriers, and carriers assume they are getting accurate information from qualified agents.

General Liability, Commercial Property, Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, Professional Liability, BOP, etc.

Get exactly what you ask for, it's that simple.

Our advanced filtering allows you to receive verified prospects that match your expectations. Setup your filters to target the exact types of businesses you can write effectively. Filters can be based on NAICs, coverages, size of business, location, etc.

Earn a profit from clients that don't suit your appetite.

Our advanced filtering allows you to receive verified prospects that match your expectations. Setup your filters to target the exact types of businesses you can write effectively. Filters can be based on NAICs, coverages, size of business, location, etc.

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Join carriers, agents, agencies, brokers, and others by sending into our marketplace, creating a better experience for you and your clients.