Small commercial insurance leads to grow your business

Optimize growth with the largest prospect marketplace for small commercial insurance

The Exchange delivers commercial insurance leads for agents, enabling targeted prospect acquisition within preferred risk profiles. Agents can also monetize leads and unlock new revenue opportunities from
out-of-appetite risks.

Why use the Exchange for small commercial insurance leads?

The Exchange seamlessly matches referred commercial prospects, who have confirmed intent to buy, with in-appetite agents via immediate, warm phone transfer.

The Exchange provides a steady source of curated commercial insurance leads with preferred
risk profiles.

Supports leads for over 19,000+ NAICS codes for general liability, business owner’s policy, commercial auto, workers’ compensation,
and more.

Agencies, brokerages, carriers, financial institutions, retailers,
e-commerce, etc.
gain revenue by referring
out-of-appetite prospects
warm or data transfer
bold penguin
verifies information, matches prospect to best Receive-side partner, initiates warm transfer
warm transfer
Matched agent
takes over the prospect and completes quote/bind
warm or data

Monetize out-of-appetite prospects

Maximize efficiency by reducing valuable time spent on quoting ineligible risks.

Unleash a new revenue stream by rethinking the sales flow for out-of-appetite prospects.

Increase community by ensuring clients' needs are met.

Grow and diversify your business with qualified commercial insurance leads

Save time and money normally spent prospecting.

Maximize opportunities for increased conversion rates, commissions, contingencies, and bonuses.

Capitalize on growth opportunities by expanding commercial lines coverage.


Customizable filters

Partners align on multiple checkpoints to ensure that commercial insurance leads are in-appetite.

Prescreened, “warm"
phone transfers

Only qualified, live prospects with confirmed intent to buy are sent to the Exchange. This process ensures that agents only receive qualified commercial leads – maximizing profitability.

The old way vs. the Bold way

When you see it side-by-side, there’s no comparison. With the “Bold way,” commercial insurance agents can monetize out-of-appetite risks, gain qualified prospects, and keep more customers happier. We think the old way of cold prospecting and unnecessary out-of-appetite quoting is for the (other) birds.


Time wasted quoting out-of-appetite risk

Cold prospecting

Reduced customer satisfaction

Monetize out-of-appetite risk

Receive prescreened, warm prospects

Maximize customer satisfaction and increase community by providing the right coverage at the right time

The Bold Penguin Exchange has significantly contributed to the remarkable growth of our business and customer base. The platform has revolutionized our approach to lead generation, making Bold Penguin an indispensable partner in our business' success. The Exchange has proven to be highly effective, consistently providing us with top-notch prospects that boast exceptional closing rates.

Caden Braly
Braly Insurance Group LLC

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