Lead generation for insurance agents

Gain efficiency and drive growth

Storefront for channel partners provides them with the ability to submit small business commercial prospects to the Exchange. Channel partners can support their SMB community with access to proper insurance coverages while unlocking new revenue opportunities. Storefront also increases customer retention and satisfaction while simplifying the quote and
bind process.

Storefront Pro provides agents and brokers a branded direct-to-consumer, customizable digital application for small business insurance quotes that can be implemented quickly, without any development spend.

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Storefront Pro customizable digital application

Storefront Pro is a robust quoting platform that allows agents to manage a small business owner’s online quote experience through a customizable, branded, end-to-end digital application.

Better serve online customers while kickstarting online capture of prospect data to support lead generation
for agents.

Why use Bold Penguin Storefront Pro?

Agents can grow their business while monetizing website traffic. Storefront Pro increases agency sales by putting a straight-through quote-to-bind digital application at their fingertips with optional agent interaction.

Build a digital home and meet online customers where
(and when) they shop for insurance.


New revenue opportunities

Submit small business commercial prospects to the Exchange with Storefront for channel partners.

Lead generation for agents

Storefront collects data online to support automated lead generation for agents, increasing business opportunities
and revenue.

Configurable workflows

Storefront Pro's custom
front-end interface allows
agents to control the interaction with their online customers.

Community building

Storefront for channel partners can empower SMB customers by providing access to often-overlooked insurance needs, protecting their investments while increasing your
customer satisfaction.

Customizable branding

Storefront Pro easily creates a seamless online experience with a logo, color scheme, contact info, and customized copy
all aligned within your
brand guidelines.

Multi-carrier quoting

Storefront Pro can improve conversion by directly connecting agencies with their appointed carriers in the Terminal to receive a bindable quote in real time.

The old way vs. the Bold way

When you see it side-by-side, there’s no comparison. With the “Bold way,” the process to create a branded insurance quote online is customer-centric, lead-generating, and growth-focused without requiring development. We think the old stagnant, manual, way is for the (other) birds.


Missed calls, voicemails, and phone tag

Same old prospect sources that eventually run dry

No time to create an agency growth plan = flat future

Hiring a development resource to build a custom site
for web traffic

SMB customers frustrated with limited options

Meet customers where/when they shop – online

Constant flow of new inbound prospects from digital traffic

Growth strategy = bright future built on customers’ digital quote journey options

Use existing development resources

Satisfied customers getting back to what they do best

Bold Penguin Storefront Pro helped an agency surpass growth goals in eight months

An inefficient inbound digital channel resulted in inaccuracies and missed opportunities.

In just two weeks, Bold Penguin built and launched an agency-branded website using Storefront Pro.

82% of the agency's inbound customers now come through the Storefront Pro.

The increase in inbound quote volume led the agency to hire two new producers.

The agency has doubled their commission projections and tripled their ROI since utilizing Bold Penguin’s Storefront Pro.

We are building our small commercial strategy around the Storefront Pro. Over 80% of our new business for small commercial starts there.

Austin Landes
Landes Blosch Insurance

Through Bold Penguin, myCOI clients can help close those third-party gaps quickly by knowing where problems are and finding the right coverage to keep work moving. This partnership is powerful, and we look forward to being able to offer companies a better way to manage and close risk gaps.

Kristen Nunery
Founder and CEO, myCOI

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