Insurance technology and quoting software to drive growth

Founded in 2016, by insurance agents and for insurance agents, we’ve drastically reduced the friction in commercial insurance. Our leading digital solutions and quoting software help bolster the bottom line for all industry stakeholders – independent agents, brokers, networks, enterprise partners, and carriers – and help protect the small and medium-sized businesses they serve.

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The Bold Penguin platform is everything you need

Our integrated suite of insurance technology and quoting software tools, including the Terminal, Exchange, Storefront, and Analytics, works seamlessly together to drive speed and efficiency.

Terminal insurance sales software helps gain efficiency through streamlined submissions

The Bold Penguin Terminal solution allows agents to quote and bind in minutes with one, universal quoting software application. Bold Penguin partners with leading national, regional, and specialty carriers, giving agents the confidence they need to quote the right coverage for the right customer at the right time.

Exchange insurance technology helps optimize growth with the nation’s largest prospect marketplace

The Bold Penguin Exchange is the largest prospect marketplace for small commercial insurance agents to find new leads and grow their business. With this insurance technology, agents can monetize leads and unlock new revenue opportunities from out-of-appetite risks.

Storefront insurance technology and quoting software provides a digital-first experience

The Bold Penguin Storefront allows agents to manage a SMB's digital quote experience through a seamless branded online application and enables channel partners to better support their community. Our quoting software provides a digital storefront, open 24/7, to meet the needs of your SMBs.

Analytics insurance technology helps extract, enrich, and comprehend data to streamline the underwriting process

Bold Penguin Analytics solutions leverage proprietary artificial intelligence to extract and enrich data from submission documents and coverage forms, enhancing the insurance underwriting process.

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Bold Penguin customers serve small and medium-sized businesses

At Bold Penguin we empower our customers with industry-leading insurance technology, like advanced quoting software solutions, in order to better serve small and medium-sized businesses.

Our primary customer groups serving SMBs include

Agents, brokers, and enterprise partners

Networks and associations

Carriers and managing general agents (MGAs)

Adjacent industry
channel partners

We proudly work with national, regional, and specialty carriers to help agents find the right coverage for their customers as they fulfill the unique, evolving needs of SMBs.

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coverage lines + E&S
Here are just a few of our 40+ carrier partners

and many more!


Award-winning insurance technology innovation

Fast Company ranking

In 2023, Bold Penguin was ranked 15th internationally by Fast Company for our designed initiatives to encourage internal innovation as well as our exemplary actions to foster a workplace culture where all employees feel empowered to innovate.

EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Bold Penguin Founder and CEO, Ilya Bodner, was named a 2022 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year East Central Award winner.

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Our premiums have been steadily increasing, opportunities have been steadily increasing, and it really did help us rethink how we were going to approach small market commercial.

Satanoff Agency

Bold Penguin diving into enhanced Reports [in the Terminal] is a game changer, and will be great for agency retention. I wouldn't want to leave because I can't get this type of data anywhere.

Emmanuel Osuyah
Alpha Direct Agency

The Bold Penguin Exchange has significantly contributed to the remarkable growth of our business and customer base. The platform has revolutionized our approach to lead generation, making Bold Penguin an indispensable partner in our business success. The Exchange has proven to be highly effective, consistently providing us with top-notch prospects that boast exceptional closing rates.

Caden Braly
Braly Insurance Group LLC

We are building our small commercial strategy around the Storefront Pro. Over 80% of our new business for small commercial starts there.

Austin Landes
Landes Blosch

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