Analytics to streamline your insurance underwriting process

Improve loss ratios and reduce operating costs with a data-driven approach to submission, underwriting, and coverage analysis

Bold Penguin Analytics offers leading-edge business intelligence tools specifically designed to support the insurance process for agents and brokers, carriers, managing general agents (MGAs), and managing general underwriters (MGUs) – transforming them into data-driven enterprises.

SubmissionLink™ leverages proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to extract and enrich data from submission documents and coverage forms,
enhancing the insurance underwriting process.

Bold Insights maximizes carrier partners’ revenue potential and streamlines their decision-making.
With an intuitive dashboard that presents complex information in a concise manner, partners can navigate and extract valuable information effortlessly as well as lean on our experts in interpreting and utilizing the data to its fullest potential.

SubmissionLink™ for Analytics

Extract, enrich, and triangulate data across new business submission and policy forms to streamline the insurance underwriting process. With SubmissionLink, carriers, managing general agents (MGAs) and managing general underwriters (MGUs) can:

  • Clear, quote, and underwrite new business straight off an email and its attachments.
  • Quote with as little information as a company name and address.
  • Quote directly from prior policies.
  • Check that policy forms comply with specific rules.
  • Compare coverages across multiple policy forms.

Our carrier partners see increased underwriting automation of approx. 90% on complex submissions and a marked increase in data accuracy, leading to:

  • Immediate expense savings of up to 3%.
  • Long-term loss ratio reduction of 2%.

Why use SubmissionLink for Analytics?

Reduce manual handling effort on complex submissions all the way
to underwriting.

Reduce third party data spend and point-to-point data infrastructure.

Create differentiated coverage that gives a competitive edge.

Identify weaknesses and other risks associated with bad language.

SubmissionLink features

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The old way vs. the Bold way

When you see it side-by-side, there’s no comparison. With the “Bold way,” leverage Analytics in the commercial insurance underwriting process to stay ahead of the curve. We think the old way of manual sorting through scattered files and clauses is for the (other) birds.


Long-winded IT implementations

Manual reading and entering in a few fields to clear submissions

Unknown exposure on policies or portfolio

Get results in 5 minutes by sending an email

Get every field in the document (plus data not even in the document) and clear, quote, and underwrite
Turn policy forms into data you can build and build coverage like it is data

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