Software solutions for business insurance

Drive growth and increase efficiency while reducing costs and errors

Bold Penguin’s insurance agency software elevates and enhances commercial insurance. Our digital insurance solutions empower agents, brokers, and carriers with the tools they need to succeed, ultimately protecting small and medium-sized (SMB) businesses so they can reach their fullest potential.

Uniquely integrated insurance agency software solutions for agents, brokers, carriers, and partners

Bold Penguin serves customers and partners with a range of insurance agency software solutions that can work together to help grow business opportunities and streamline operations.  

From a streamlined digital quote-and-bind solution via the Terminal, access to more prescreened prospects via the Exchange, to a digital-first experience via the Storefront (and a lot of cool features in between), we have the tools you need to compete.

Our products integrate seamlessly to deliver the full set of solutions without the challenges of piecing together disparate systems. If you're in the commercial insurance business, our integrated insurance sales software solutions can help.

Bold Penguin integrated products

Terminal insurance sales software helps gain efficiency through streamlined submissions

Gain efficiency through streamlined submissions

The Terminal reduces the time agents spend sourcing and comparing small commercial coverage by up to 82%, and expands market access for independent agents.

The Terminal Enterprise enables agencies, brokers and wholesalers to improve profitability through a customizable solution that they can scale easily and deploy nationally.

With one universal application, agents can simultaneously quote and bind multiple products with multiple carriers to find the best coverage in minutes.

Since 2016, these Bold Penguin insurance agency software solutions have powered over 6 million quote applications. And that’s just the beginning!

Take a deeper dive into how the Terminal and Terminal Enterprise are taking the friction out of the small commercial insurance business.

Terminal features

Exchange helps optimize growth with the nation’s largest prospect marketplace

Optimize growth with the largest prospect marketplace for commercial insurance

The Exchange solution helps users grow their small business book in a simple, scalable way by empowering business growth and unlocking new opportunities. This solution enables partners to monetize out-of-appetite prospects and diversify their book with prescreened prospects.

Take a deeper dive into why and how the Exchange is a win-win for all parties.

Exchange features

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Storefront insurance sales software helps engage customers with a digital-first experience.

Engage customers with a digital-first experience

Agents can now engage their SMB customers where they shop online.

Storefront Pro provides a direct-to-consumer small commercial quoting platform with a customizable
e-commerce experience, enhanced by agent-supported guidance. No development resources required!

Storefront insurance software provides partners with the ability to submit small business commercial prospects to the Exchange.

Take a deeper dive into how Storefront and Storefront Pro insurance software solutions effortlessly build a digital experience to surpass growth goals.

Storefront features

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Analytics insurance agency software helps extract, enrich, and comprehend data to streamline the underwriting process

Extract and enrich data to streamline the underwriting process

Bold Penguin’s Analytics solutions help carriers improve loss ratios and lower operating expenses by introducing artificial intelligence into high-touch steps within the submission, underwriting, and coverage analysis processes.

Take a deeper dive into how to leverage Analytics to adopt a data-driven approach to improve outcomes.

Analytics features

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Who uses Bold Penguin solutions?

Our integrated products serve professionals and organizations in support of the commercial insurance industry.

Agents and brokers

Independent agents, brokers, and wholesalers


Affiliated groups of independent insurance agencies with pooled access to specialized products

Carriers and MGAs

National, regional, and specialty insurance carriers and program administrators who support small businesses

Channel partners

Organizations serving SMBs, e.g. financial institutions, fintechs, e-commerce brands, retailers, and others

We are building our small commercial strategy around Storefront Pro.
Over 80% of our new business for small commercial starts there.

Austin Landes
Landes Blosch Insurance

We almost lost a $36,000 commercial auto account internally because we couldn't place workers’ compensation through our network. I said ‘Hey, let me just try Bold Penguin and see if we have any markets there. BOOM. We closed the workers’ compensation  just under $11,000 in premium and won the $36,000 commercial auto account!

Andy Rodriguez
Oak Ridge Agency

The Bold Penguin Exchange has significantly contributed to the remarkable growth of our business and customer base. The platform has revolutionized our approach to lead generation, making Bold Penguin an indispensable partner in our business success. The Exchange has proven to be highly effective, consistently providing us with top-notch prospects that boast exceptional closing rates.

Caden Braly
Braly Insurance Group LLC