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Gain profitability through a simplified quote and bind process

Bold Penguin improves small commercial insurance profitability by leveraging its leading technology solutions to simplify the quote and bind process.

How can we help you as a commercial insurance agent?

We get it. Quoting and binding small commercial insurance can be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. With Bold Penguin, commercial insurance agents can expand their market access and quote and bind in minutes through one streamlined, universal application. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our solutions empower the business insurance agent to find the right coverage for each customer effortlessly in approximately nine minutes, boosting revenue and productivity immediately after adoption.


Need another reason to become a Bold Penguin agency partner?

With our business insurance technology solutions, a commercial insurance agent can:

Build a diverse growth plan to avoid a flat future. Agents who normally specialize in personal lines can diversify their business and offer commercial lines, becoming a “one-stop shop” for all customers, increasing retention and renewals.

Better serve small and medium-sized businesses. Bold Penguin provides the business insurance agent with expanded access to alternative market options that fill coverage gaps.

Streamline processes to free up time for relationship building. Digital, automated quoting frees up agents to do what they do best.

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Large enterprise agencies and carrier-owned brokerages

Enterprise-level commercial insurance tools to help you thrive, not just survive

Brokerages and agencies with 10+ commercial producers need to optimize workflows with solutions they can scale easily and deploy quickly.

Our customizable business insurance agent solutions address those unique needs, making small commercial insurance both easier to manage and more profitable.

Why become an Enterprise Partner?

Our business insurance agent solutions for enterprise agencies and carrier-owned brokerages offer benefits for both the organization and the agents, enabling them to:

Leverage solutions to bolster
broker and business insurance agent growth.

Create a customized workflow that is as unique as your agency to drive productivity.

Unlock new revenue streams with the Exchange, the largest prospect marketplace for small commercial insurance.

Streamline processes to free up commercial insurance agent's time. Digital, automated quoting allows you to concentrate on growing your business.

Better serve small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers. Bold Penguin simplifies the quote and bind process, ensuring a best-in-class customer experience, and allowing SMBs to resume their day-to-day activities quickly without spending weeks waiting for the right insurance.

Capture small business web traffic by building a customized, branded Storefront, establishing a new source of growth and meeting customers where they shop.

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We are building our small commercial strategy around the Storefront Pro. Over 80% of our new business for small commercial starts there.

Austin Landes
Landes Blosch

We almost lost a $36,000 commercial auto account internally because we couldn't place workers’ compensation through our network. I said ‘Hey, let me just try Bold Penguin and see if we have any markets there. BOOM. We closed the workers’ compensation  just under $11,000 in premium and won the $36,000 commercial auto account!

Andy Rodriguez
Oak Ridge Agency

The Bold Penguin Exchange has significantly contributed to the remarkable growth of our business and customer base. The platform has revolutionized our approach to lead generation, making Bold Penguin an indispensable partner in our business success. The Exchange has proven to be highly effective, consistently providing us with top-notch prospects that boast exceptional closing rates.

Caden Braly
Braly Insurance Group LLC

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