Bold Penguin delivers an integrated digital solution platform dedicated to simplifying business insurance

Our advanced product suite includes a commercial insurance quoting platform that has digitized and transformed a slow, manual process, resulting in reduced costs, increased efficiency, and better overall outcomes.

We are an innovative insurance technology company founded by insurance agents, for insurance agents. We're leading the industry and creating solutions that radically reduce the friction out of commercial insurance.

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We are on a mission to simplify commercial insurance.

Our mission

Bold Penguin insurance technology for small commercial insurance agents penguin
To simplify
commercial insurance

In 2016, our founders saw a need to simplify commercial insurance. Since then, we have expanded our offerings to support the largest and smallest brokers and agents; national, regional, and specialty carriers; and non-insurance companies looking to support business insurance transactions.

Bold Penguin is expanding the boundaries of digital insurance

We enable the new generation of business insurance distribution through commercial insurance quoting software.

We empower thousands of agents, and the millions of small businesses they support, to do their best work while reducing inherent risks.

We help increase growth and efficiency while reducing costs
and errors.

What’s in a name?

There’s a lot of lore around our name. Why a penguin and why is it so Bold? And why name an insurance technology company after it?

Penguins are extremely social, loyal, and community oriented. It’s no wonder it’s our beloved mascot and alter ego. But the real story goes that our founder was watching a television show and he saw a penguin enthusiastically plunge off an iceberg into the ocean, the first to test the water. “That's a bold penguin,” he thought. Boom. The company was named. And the rest is history.

Our values

Be agile
We evolve to serve the
needs of our customers.
Be diverse
We optimize outcomes by
embracing all perspectives.
Be authentic
We align our actions
with our ideas and values.
Be present
We are mindful and aware
of the impact of our decisions.
Be Bold
We challenge the status quo to
power the future of insurance.

Our values

On a Bold adventure since 2016

Surpassed 6M quote applications


Acquired Insureon Technology

Opened the Terminal to exclusive agents

Launched Storefront Pro
Surpassed 200 employees

Established major national
marketing presence with ITC and Pittsburgh Penguins sponsorships

Acquired xagent

Acquired RiskGenius

Launched Analytics
Surpassed 100 employees

Launched the Terminal for
independent agents
Integrated with first carriers

Built engine for commercial insurance quoting software

Founded Bold Penguin, an insurance technology company

Launched the Exchange

Award-winning insurance technology company

Being Bold is about innovation and bringing the best to our customers and our people. We quickly established our insurance technology company as an industry changemaker, and we’re proud to have the props to show for it.

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*Bold Penguin Founder and CEO, Ilya Bodner, was named a 2022 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year East Central Award winner.