Why Neutrality is the Key to Commercial Connectivity

We built the industry’s largest Exchange by being relentlessly committed to neutrality and the success of each of our partners


The Neutral Exchange

As election season comes to a close, Bold Penguin is proud to remain…neutral! 

In fact, Bold Penguin remains committed to being the BOLDLY NEUTRAL insurance exchange. 

Our technology powers the shopping experience of millions of SMBs -- connecting the businesses, brokers, and carriers that fuel small commercial.

The key to that success?


We Were Born Neutral

Bold Penguin has been neutral since day one. We deliberately chose to partner with carriers, brokers and agents to improve the commercial insurance buying process. The foundation of our company has proven to be the key to our success, and we have empowered business model innovations within the insurance industry. As digital insurance efforts accelerate in the post-pandemic world, Bold Penguin will remain steadfast in our commitment to helping our customers win through the largest commercial insurance exchange.

Boldly Neutral

As more make the move to online, carriers, brokers and agents need a neutral third-party -- someone to connect all the disparate technology systems without any bias.

Serving as a neutral technology provider has been a hallmark of Bold Penguin since day one. Bold Penguin was built to be an enabler for insurance, not a disruptor.

Bold Penguin is proud to be a BOLDLY NEUTRAL commercial insurance exchange.

In the beginning, Bold Penguin had to prove its neutrality. We spent time thinking through our investors, our partners, our key accounts, and the agents we partner with to maintain that neutrality. When we talked to insurance carriers and agents, we heard the same question – “Are you going to sell direct?” Since our founding, we have answered the same way – heck no!

Bold Penguin enables the sale of commercial insurance between businesses, agents and carriers. Bold Penguin does not sell insurance. We give power back to the people that do. It took many years but the industry trusts us now, as we boast a large carrier panel, top 100 insurance agencies, and a robust insurance exchange helping agents and brokers alike.

Winning Together

The only way this works, the only way we can partner with large and small carriers and their distribution agencies, is if we allow each of our customers to win. All of our customers win based on how each of them defines success. Our neutrality gives us the flexibility to focus purely on creating and evolving a data-driven, customizable offering based on extraordinary speed and functionality as defined by each customer. We do not favor specific industries, brokers or carriers – we favor our clients getting to the right quote in record time.

Our neutrality has empowered our customers to test and launch new strategies using the Bold Penguin infrastructure.

We partner with companies like Nationwide Insurance. This partnership continued to expand in 2020 after Nationwide announced its doubling down using our platform. By remaining a neutral commercial insurance exchange we are proudly ground zero for insurance innovation.

Empowering Humans

By remaining neutral, we continue to build for our customers, the humans that sell commercial insurance. We believe this is a winning proposition – commercial insurance is nowhere near a human-less automated system.

Our neutrality is what helps agencies like Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., InSocial, Insurica, and Fusco & Orsini to succeed. We will continue to expand in this space in the years to come.

We are tackling third-party data augmentation and policy wording analysis. These efforts will reduce the time spent on clunky applications and dense contract legalese. We will empower insurance professionals to quote and bind with greater speed, flexibility, and transparency.

A Connected Future

The future success of our ecosystem depends on commercial connectivity. We’re stronger, faster, and more profitable together. By remaining neutral and carefully constructing an unbiased Exchange, we see a bright future for small commercial that allows each of the businesses, brokers, and carriers in small commercial to win.

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