Welcome, Chris Peabody

Chris joins Bold Penguin to lead Sales and Account Management


Over the past year Bold Penguin has been growing rapidly. Our agent and carrier expansion has been mostly organic. We've attended conferences, had some local and industry specific press, and talked to a lot of veterans in the industry (a lot of conversations!). We are proud of the 3,000+ relationships we've been able to establish. Luckily the growth isn't stopping here. We are keeping up with the pace by adding more staff and building out more features to make the use of Bold Penguin's Agent Portal more intuitive. This is where Chris comes in....


Tell us a little bit about yourself, Chris.

My name is Chris, I was born here in Columbus, OH and went to Miami University where I studied Communications and Entrepreneurship for my undergraduate degree. I came back to Columbus to work along side my father, David Peabody, and his landscape company Peabody Landscape Group. After deciding that I wanted a new challenge, I joined CrossChx, a healthcare technology company. I spent a little over a year there as an operations manager and sales executive. After connecting with several people within the start up space here in Columbus, I decided that I’d like to continue to pursue opportunities within the start up community and that’s when I found Bold Penguin, and now very excited to be part of the team.

What interested you most about joining Bold Penguin?

First and foremost I knew I wanted to stay in the start up space, so that checked my main box. Second, I wanted to be part of a company that is truly trying to change the landscape of a fractured industry and I firmly believe Bold Penguin has the passion and drive to shape the future of Commercial Insurance. Finally, I wanted to be in an environment where I would learn something new and learn a lot. To this point, I’ve never had any experience with insurance, so the idea of being able to join a company within an industry that is on the verge of change is very exciting.

What excites you the most about the insurance industry?

What excites me most about insurance and specifically commercial insurance is the current dynamic. There are so many start ups that are popping up left and right, Bold Penguin being one of them and their aggressiveness to make an impact is pretty amazing. Being part of an industry that is so impactful on our country and economy during this time is very exciting and I look forward to seeing how Bold Penguin is involved.

How do you hope to impact Bold Penguin and the insurance industry?

When it comes to impacting Bold Penguin, I just want to create a culture where we are on the attack at all times. I love to win and I am a competitor in business now that I am no longer involved with sports. Having fun is also important because if we aren’t having fun as a company, we won’t succeed. In regards to the industry as a whole I am just excited to be part of an amazing team that is going full steam ahead to make lives easier when it comes to buying and selling insurance. I’m really pumped to see how Bold Penguin impacts the commercial side of the industry.

Outside of work, what are your passions?

Outside of work, my main passions involve my faith, my family and my girlfriend, Lex, CrossFit and then my passion project, thePARE. I wish I had more time to devote to other things such as reading and traveling, but that will all come with time.

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