has a refreshed look

Same innovative Bold Penguin products and mission.

Company has a new look and feel, and we are thrilled to share it with the world. Yes, we think it’s worthy of a King (Penguin).

We are excited because it’s another proud moment in our company history. It represents who we are and how far we’ve come. Our refreshed website conveys how we have grown from a savvy startup to a leading insurtech company. It talks about how we empower all the players in our space, and how we’re always innovating to build our Bold, bright future.

But what it really conveys is how our integrated products work together in a complete solution to help simplify commercial insurance. 

Our products and mission are the same. But from a marketing perspective, refreshing the website was a priority for 2023. 

Why invest in a website refresh now?

As most insurtech companies can attest, there have been lots of changes in the field since our founding in 2016. When we started, we didn’t have the depth of products we have now. Our former website didn’t reflect the full breadth of who we serve and what value we offer. We are leading the charge in simplifying commercial insurance, and we needed to say it in a simple way. 

In order to communicate these key points in the most user-friendly way, we needed a Bold new site. The refreshed site tells the story consistently and establishes a single source of truth for our messaging with updated, Bold imagery to match. Dive in for more:

What our refreshed website says

It highlights who we serve and the value they gain from working with us as their preferred insurtech company partner. It takes our readers on a journey to learn more about what’s possible; what our core products are and how they work together; our company history, mission, and values; and our latest news and team opportunities.

Now, more than ever, we want industry players to lean on our extensive expertise as a leading insurtech company. To all the carriers, agencies and brokerages, and channel partners that serve small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs): use as a resource to navigate evolving insurance needs.

We get commercial insurance

Bold Penguin was founded by insurance agents, for insurance agents. We know firsthand the challenges that come with being a  commercial agent or carrier. It can be overwhelming and inefficient — and we are here to help. 

Commercial insurance stakeholders want to work with an insurtech company that can help them grow. As we crafted our site messaging, we emphasized that everything Bold Penguin does has that goal in mind.

Imagery to match the narrative

We viewed the website refresh as an additional opportunity to differentiate ourselves in the space. So building out our visual components was a natural extension of this. You will notice the refreshed site leans heavily on natural imagery. We have always incorporated the penguin brand in our text and captions, and our new glacier imagery now complements that narrative. These added visuals grab your attention because they are aspirational and different – like us. It brings a fresh look to our identity and brings Bold Penguin to life – while showing off our ice cool, creative side. 

Key takeaways 

Our core products work together

Our four core products, the Terminal, Exchange, Storefront, and Analytics, integrate seamlessly to drive growth and increase efficiency. As you dive into our site, you’ll see which products integrate to serve which industry players. You’ll notice graphics that address how the Bold way is better than the old way, and how we carefully crafted the features of our products to continually simplify commercial  insurance.

We’re proud of our culture as an insurtech company

We built two pages dedicated to telling our company story with a timeline of our growth trajectory, our mission and values, and what it’s like to be part of the Glacier. Dedicating digital real estate to our culture was critical. It highlights that we foster innovation, encourage diversity,  and have fun along the way. This becomes doubly important as we continue to grow and actively seek team members who want to simplify commercial insurance. 

And….what’s next?

The future is bright. We’re thrilled to wrap up 2023 with a refreshed website. We invite you to use it as a resource to grow and learn, and let us know any questions or ideas you have along the way. We will continue to listen, connect, support, and innovate to provide exceptional product experiences for our partners.  Check back often as we’re always sharing news and tips. Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and X, and join the march of the Bold Penguins into 2024.

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