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Control Your Customer Quote Journey

Get your small business customers quoting in no time with a branded Storefront that can be embedded in emails or on a website. Your Storefront will then seamlessly send opportunities to your Bold Penguin Terminal, where you can access over 20+ commercial insurance carriers. Let your customers access digital quotes and then your humans (yea agents!) can help them bind a policy.

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Streamline customer acquisition and renewals through a branded application that will enhance your small business user experience.

Storefront Pro

A branded customer quoting website that connects directly to your Terminal and carriers with zero IT support from your agency.

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Get More Customers

Are you ready to turbocharge your agency sales machine? Build targeted websites for businesses that want a digital quoting experience. With your Storefront, you won't miss out on those customers looking for a self-service option.

Reduce Staff Time

Create a direct-to-customer quote experience for small businesses that reduces staff intervention. Your employees will have more time to spend building robust relationships and less time focused on transactional tasks.

No Engineering Required

Bold Penguin has been building commercial insurance technology since 2016. With our Storefront solutions, you select brand options and we deploy the website for you. No tedious or expensive website development work required.

Improve Customer Conversion

Let's face it, some people don't want to talk to an insurance agent, no matter how charming. For those small business owners, a Storefront allows for self-quoting without human intervention, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Product Features

Embed Anywhere

Send customers directly to your insurance quoting experience via a Storefront embedded link or email.

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Brand Your Agency

By adding your own logo and selecting your colors, you control the look and feel through customized branding.

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Terminal Integration

Customer applications move immediately into your processing queue, eliminating duplicate data entry.

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Leverage Carriers

Your Storefront connects directly to 20+ insurance carriers for quoting. Easy peasy.

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Embed Anywhere

Whether it's a one-off email, website, text, or anything else, you can embed a Storefront link and get your new customer started on the application process in no time. With the click of a button, your customers are presented with a branded quoting page that provides multiple commercial insurance carrier options in real time.

Brand Your Agency

The turnkey Storefront Pro allows you to set the colors, logo and name of your quoting website. The world is your insurance quoting oyster and we are here to make it happen for you.

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Integrated Terminal

Your Storefront is integrated directly into your Bold Penguin Terminal. When a customer completes an application, your agents are immediately notified and you can continue the commercial insurance quoting process in your Bold Penguin Terminal.

Leverage Carriers

Your Storefront connects directly to the carriers you have selected. This means that small businesses can complete an application and immediately receive quotes from industry-leading insurance carriers. Whether you rely on sub or direct appointments, the carriers you have partnered with will be able to return a quote in real time to each business through your Storefront.

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