[Webinar] Building a Digital Home for Small Business Insurance

How One Independent Agency is Creating the Ideal Digital Customer Experience


Here are two questions for independent insurance agents:

How would you rate your agency’s digital business transformation? Are you delivering an outstanding digital customer journey from end to end, or are there gaps

On a recent webinar, we chatted with Austin Landes, risk advisor at LandesBlosch, his family’s 100-year-old Tulsa, OK-based independent agency. Austin told our viewers about his agency’s gaps. As it turns out, he’s not merely comfortable having gaps; he embraces them as opportunities to build lasting customer relationships.  

Through trial and error, Austin discovered the solution to his agency’s digital transformation is not a no-touch experience. Instead, LandesBlosch’s goal is to give customers a just-right solution with their preferred amount of support from an agent. 

As Austin tells it, “the human aspect of small commercial insurance won’t go away. Every small business owner’s insurance needs are different.”

Inviting Austin to join us online was an easy decision. LandesBlosch were beta-testers for Bold Penguin Storefront Pro, a platform that adds direct-to-customer quoting functionality to the Bold Penguin Terminal. 

Austin shared how LandesBlosch built a branded web portal in minutes using Storefront Pro. There, small business owners could start a quote without their agent present. In some cases, the business owner can execute the entire application, view multiple quotes, and submit for binding in a single sitting.  

Sometimes the quoting process requires a deeper conversation between agent and business owner. If a customer abandons their application for coverage, their basic information—business name, size, type, etc.— is saved to the cloud in Storefront Pro. When that happens, agents like Austin are able to quickly and directly reach these customers to help them get unstuck. 

Storefront Pro is creating a path to purchase that combines the efficiency of online shopping with the support of a trusted insurance expert. This experience creates a strong foundation for lasting collaboration between business owners and their agents. Or as Austin Landes summed it up, “we’re trying to build relationships instead of just collecting data.” 

Contact us today to learn how the next phase of your digital business transformation can be Powered by Penguins.

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