Webhooks Documentation is Live

October 20, 2020

Learn how to take advantage of our real time events feed inside your organization.

As a technology organization, we take immense pride in making things easier, faster, and better for our customers.

Late last month, we quietly launched a new feature of our Enterprise Terminal: event-based webhooks. Webhooks allow our customers to listen for events in real-time. Whereas many organizations rely on nightly batch processes, we believe a real-time events feed allows for a much better user experience, more accurate analytics, and new capabilities.

An event could be something like a new prospect browsing on your digital storefront, or even a new quote being generated and displayed. These events are intended to provide your organization with a real-time stream of activity.

Common use-cases for the webhooks are:

  1. Reporting & Analytics
  2. Custom Workflows
  3. Custom API Integrations

The real-time nature of the webhooks will enhance the small business owner experience by giving brokers the ability to more quickly tend to their needs. Simply put: webhooks enable agents and brokers to work in real time, as opposed to depending on nightly batch processes. Imagine being able to have an agent call you in minutes, with all of your business details at their fingertips. The agent could simply pick up where you left off—and help you make the best decisions for your small business.

To learn more, please explore our documentation HERE.

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