Three Questions with Lisa Wu Fate

Bold Penguin's General Counsel is big on diversity and inclusion


Introducing our new series “Three Questions” where we share quick hit interviews with the leaders shaping Bold Penguin and small commercial insurance. 

This week we sat down to chat with Bold Penguin’s incoming General Counsel Lisa Wu Fate. 

  1. How would you describe your approach to in-house legal at Bold Penguin? 

In a phrase, it is “getting to yes.” Our role is to identify and quantify risk for the business and to help the business to get where it needs to go with as little risk as possible, not to tell the business why it can’t do what it wants to do.  Ideally, the business will view the legal team as a trusted business partner, a collaborator; never as a hurdle. 

  1. What lessons or insights did you take away from retiring General Counsel Seth Metcalf who you’ve spent the last year collaborating with?  

What haven’t I learned from Seth? Aside from the substantive legal areas in which we practice where I lacked practical experience, I’ve learned his calm and patient manner under pressure (mostly!), to lead by example, and an intense work ethic. 

  1. Outside of insurance, what causes are you passionate about? 

Diversity and inclusion is a deep passion of mine, in society and in the work place; every type of diversity: diversity of thought, of age, of social and economic experience, race, gender, gender identity, religion, military experience, etc.  All of it.  I believe we all have something to offer and our experiences as human beings deepen and richly flavor what we have to offer one another.

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