Three Questions with Frank Lamantia

Bold Penguin's CTO Dishes on the Amazon Insurance Accelerator


Introducing a special version of our new series “Three Questions” where we share quick hit interviews with the leaders shaping Bold Penguin and small commercial insurance. 

  1. Amazon is now Powered by Penguins! Tell us about the Amazon Insurance Accelerator, what does it mean for the small businesses that sell on Amazon?

It means that every small business that sells on Amazon now has a suite of coverage options available to them, just provided by Bold Penguin through the Amazon Insurance Accelerator. It will allow the small businesses to buy product liability coverage, so they can focus on selling their products and doing what they do best. 

  1. Why was Bold Penguin’s technology selected for this initiative?  

Bold Penguin is synonymous with commercial insurance distribution, especially in the small sector. Our API-driven approach, our very rules-driven approach, makes it incredibly simple and easy for initiatives like the Insurance Accelerator to get up to speed quickly and to be very very effective at distributing small commercial insurance. Small business owners have a very intuitive workflow that they can easily, basically fill out some basic details about the nature of their business and get a number of competitive rates quotes from top-ranked carriers.

  1. What does this partnership mean for the Bold Penguin Terminal?

This is just another huge vote of confidence in Bold Penguin’s technology platform. The ability to work with both Amazon and Marsh in these initiatives, two very big companies in their own respects, are just a huge vote of confidence in what we've built and really speaks to the sophistication, security and availability of the platform that we’ve built.

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