The Call Isn't Dead

October 20, 2020

Agent Success with Call Marketing

Arguably, the rise of the Internet as a distribution enabler and disruptor came later than in many other industries, but nonetheless it is here. In part thanks to the Internet, there is immense fragmentation on how potential customers find agents and brokers, but the need for a phone call still lives on. Calls have been, and still are, perhaps more than ever, the engine of sales and revenue growth.

While not necessarily obvious from the surface, we have entered a call renaissance. Opportunities never before available for agents and brokers have emerged. Although this renaissance has been fruitful, challenges still exist. Everything related to calls has changed — how they’re generated, routed, optimized, and ultimately leveraged to inform the rest of the organization.

Who are some of the companies that are trying to help agents in this new world of calls? BoldPenguin, one of the newer entrants, is using technology not to “disrupt” agents but to create a better experience for them and their perspective customers.

BoldPenguin has been a vocal advocate for the “trusted advisor.” According to Ilya Bodner, Founder and CEO, this includes, “Promoting and fostering human interactions using modern-day technology and mediums.” He continues, “Everything we do at BoldPenguin is to help the agent close more business and to do it efficiently. In commercial insurance, unlike auto, the underwriting process is still a big bottleneck.”

BoldPenguin will be speaking and presenting at Contact, a leading conference and expo focused solely on call marketing. They will be debuting their technology and joining a custom workshop designed to help agents get more calls and make more money off the calls they receive.

At Contact 2017 Marc DeLeonibus, COO of BoldPenguin, will be leading a custom workshop titled, “Call Marketing for Insurance Professionals.” DeLeonibus is an expert on using technology to match a business with an insurance agent that directly matches their need. DeLeonibus clarifies, “Technology can only get you a part of the way there. The relationship needs fostered with a personal phone call. Get more calls. Close more clients. Engage more effectively.”

DeLeonibus will share a stage with insurance industry leaders as well as other technology pioneers from companies such as Twilio, VoiceBase, ContactIQ, PerformLine, and In addition to a deep dive on call marketing for insurance, agents and brokers will attend sessions such as, “How Calls Are Really Generated,” “The Contact Stack: Choosing the Software to Build Your Contact Center,” “Calls + CRM: Maximizing Your Call Marketing Campaigns,” “TCPA: Two Years Later,” and “Inbound vs. Outbound: Can You Do Both?”

Contact 2017 is the creation of Jay Weintraub, former creator of LeadsCon. Last year, Weintraub launched InsureTech Connect, the largest show on insurance innovation. Weintraub is passionate about the role conversion plays for businesses and the knowledge gap a conference can fill for businesses. Not only are conferences inspiring, but they provide tactical information while also building relationships that will become not just agents of implementation, but also friends and advisors.

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