Introducing the Bold Penguin Webhook API

Building Human-centric Technology


Human-centric technology is our passion - giving the power back to the people across the value chain of small commercial. At the core of the technology component of the ecosystem are the developers in our partners’ teams. We’re committed to empowering you, the engineers at the heart of commercial connectivity, each step of the way. 

At the beginning of 2020, Bold Penguin launched our Hookshot service to provide our Enterprise Terminal users an interface to create and maintain webhook subscriptions. Webhooks allow you to subscribe to application form and quote request events within your Enterprise Terminal. 

Whenever someone takes an action in your terminal, like requesting a quote, you get a notification via the subscription. This gives you visibility into event data for marketing flows, reporting, and analytics. It's also a great way to sync customer information from the terminal back to your Salesforce or Agency Management System (AMS). 

Bold Penguin Webhook UI

For instance, you might subscribe to Application Form events to receive notifications whenever an application form goes inactive after a period of a time. You can then use that data to reach out via email and assist the business owner in unblocking the application process.

Though our webhooks have been well received by our partners, they did have one complaint: developers needed access to the terminal. Giving development teams terminal permissions to manually adjust webhook subscriptions seemed both an unnecessary security risk and potentially error prone.

Enter the Webhook API

To add this requested upgrade, we’re excited to announce the Bold Penguin Webhook API. You can use this RESTful API to programmatically create, update, and delete endpoint subscriptions, and even replay event requests without the need for credentials within the terminal.

Additionally, the API provides granular subscriptions to individual actions rather than whole event subjects and the ability to replay requests for automated testing. Partners are already using this API to accelerate development within the Bold Penguin platform.

You can read more about Bold Penguin Webhooks or get started using the Webhook API through our Developers Portal.

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