Insurtech Gathering in Ohio

October 20, 2020

Ohio is known for the Buckeyes, the corn, and somewhere there's the mentioning of insurance.

Ohio is known for THE Ohio State Buckeyes, an abundance of retail headquarters, corn (we beg to differ), being a political swing state, and fair housing prices. But what’s often left out is the flourishing insurance industry—chock-full of large headquarters.

With so many giants like Nationwide, Grange, and Progressive, it has always been surprising that more insurance startups and initiatives haven’t spun up from Ohio. As founders of BOLDPENGUIN, we spend most of our time enabling commercial agents. We’ve gone coast-to-coast to experience groups coming together to discuss insuretech (or insurtech, depending the circle) and it’s time Ohio gets on board. Why not have technology meet the human touch? Why shouldn’t Ohio be the leader?

So, we did something about. We hosted the first Insurance360 discussion in Columbus, Ohio. More than 50 people showed up (some from out-of-state) to talk about all things insurance. All walks of insurance life were there—startup people, corporate folk, agents, carriers, actuaries, marketers, daydreamers, doers, thinkers, respected veterans in the industry, and those that are new to the space. Half the battle is getting them to show up, right?

We couldn’t be happier with the electricity we saw. Connections were made, ideas were flowing, excitement abounding. And the best part? Everyone asked when the next event would take place.

The future is bright and it became clear to all that something really special is brewing here in Columbus, Ohio.

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