Insurance agency growth strategies

Jennifer Carroll, CEO at Veruna, answers questions about the revolutionary integration between Veruna's Agency Management System (AMS) and Bold Penguin's Terminal. Learn how it can help drive insurance agency growth.

Insurance agency growth strategies with Veruna

1. Can you walk us through the key features of the integration between Veruna's Agency Management System (AMS) and the Bold Penguin Terminal? How does this collaboration streamline the commercial insurance application process and help bolster agency growth?

The main benefit agents will notice is that the workflow, from their perspective, will stay in one system. This means they only have to enter information once, they don’t have to bounce back and forth between multiple carrier websites and email, and they no longer have to worry about duplicate or inaccurate data entry. So, they not only save a ton of time, but they are also able to get information back to their customers quicker and write business for agency growth in a fraction of the time it used to take. We all know how this ends – happier customers equals more business, and in this case, it's a three-way win: 

  1. The customer gets what they need quicker and at the best price.
  2. The agent wins and retains more business. 
  3. The carriers who are working in this ecosystem get the best shot to win the business that meets their needs. 

The integration between Veruna's AMS and Terminal is a game-changer for commercial insurance agencies. Agents can now operate seamlessly within a unified system, eliminating the tedious dance between carrier websites and overflowing inboxes. With a single data entry point, the nightmare of duplicates and inaccuracies is eliminated.

Agents now wield the power to deliver lightning-fast responses to customers. Customers receive the best options at the best prices, agents secure and retain business with unparalleled ease, and carriers, intricately woven into this digital ecosystem, enjoy prime opportunities to snag the business that perfectly aligns with their appetite. Now, speed, precision, and customer satisfaction aren't just goals – they're the everyday reality. Veruna and Bold Penguin are redefining the landscape of commercial insurance with innovation at its core.

2. The integration aims to free agents from legacy processes. Could you elaborate on the specific pain points that agents commonly face with traditional systems? How does this collaboration address those challenges to enhance the agent experience and contribute to insurance agencies’ growth strategies?

Traditional processes have shackled agents to inefficiencies. Marketing a policy required a herculean effort. Sourcing quotes meant grappling with disparate systems, manual entries on carrier portals, email exchanges with carriers with ACORD forms and supplemental PDFs, and the agonizing waiting game created a disjointed, time-consuming ordeal. The risk? Clients who are left in limbo could explore alternatives, including foregoing insurance altogether, jeopardizing the agent's (and the customer’s) business. The conventional approach favored convenience over comprehensive market exploration. 

Now, agents can effortlessly navigate a broader market, swiftly securing multiple quotes. The good news is, with the power of Bold Penguin, the agent never needs to leave their screen in Veruna to do so. The game-changing result? Agents analyze, decide, and present clients with optimal policies at unprecedented speeds. And the result is clear – when an agent is empowered to do this, they build and retain trust with their clients, winning and retaining more business and driving more agency growth than ever before.   

3. Veruna's AMS is built on Salesforce CRM and layers insurance data with customer sales data. Can you provide examples of how this integrated approach enhances an agent's ability to identify and capitalize on sales opportunities, ultimately contributing to agency growth?

Picture a modern insurance agency – gone are the days of sticky notes and chaotic rolodexes. With Veruna's AMS seamlessly integrated with Salesforce CRM, insurance agency growth strategies and opportunities are identified with both speed and accuracy, allowing agents to broaden their scope of offerings and win a diverse book of business. Salesforce's robust capabilities, from lead tracking to automated workflows and targeted marketing, lay the foundation. However, it's Veruna's insurance-centric approach that brings this to the next level. Imagine writing a business owner's policy and instantly unlocking insights into potential expansions, whether in personal lines or employee benefits. Lose a deal? Veruna ensures you track it for a comeback. And when it's time to remarket policies, Veruna and Bold Penguin guarantee the best shot at winning and retaining business year after year. It's not just an integration; it's efficiency and strategic foresight, painting a future where every opportunity is seized, and agency growth is not just a goal but an inevitability.

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