Bold Penguin ITC Recap

October 20, 2020

Recap video and theme at Insuretech Connect 2019

InsureTech Connect’s 2019 event brought in 7,000+ attendees this year and we at Bold Penguin were thrilled to be a part of the largest InsurTech conference to date. Here are 3 trends that were top of mind this year as we chatted with industry leaders across the value chain:

  1. Partnerships are taking the insurance ecosystem to a new level.One theme across many conversations this year was about the power of partnerships. Aside from the 3 packed agenda days and 125+ speakers, this is the main draw for ITC – connecting with other industry players to talk strategy, innovation, and collaboration.
  2. The core of InsurTech is empowerment, not displacement.The narrative around outing the agent and traditional carriers has been replaced by a conversation of empowerment. When we leverage technology to support the human, we all succeed.
  3. InsurTech is growing up.The time for hype is over, the time for value is now. The industry no longer accepts vague promises and propaganda. The organizations that are providing concrete value are the ones fueling the future of the industry.

We look forward to another year of partnerships, empowerment, and growth here at Bold Penguin and are already counting the days until ITC 2020!

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