3 Questions With Eric Ramah, Senior Product Manager At Bold Penguin

Delve into Eric Ramah's insights on how the new Reports dashboard takes data from numbers to narratives, empowering agencies to make informed decisions that shape their growth strategies and drive success.

a photo of Eric Ramah, Senior Product Manager at Bold Penguin

1. What specific insights and data can agencies expect to find in the enhanced Terminal Reports dashboards? How will these insights help agencies make informed decisions?

The new Reports dashboard in the Bold Penguin Terminal was designed with one key theme in mind: deliver actionable insights that allow agents to make impactful decisions about their business. It’s not enough to simply put a number or a metric in front of our customers. Data without context isn’t useful, and leaves the door open to interpreting insights the wrong way. This theme led us to building our reporting experience in a way that tells stories– their performance and usage across our products, where they are excelling, where they need improvement, and what they can do to get more out of their relationship with Bold Penguin. These stories will leave no doubt in the value our customers receive, and more importantly, what they can do to improve their overall business. 

2. As agencies review the information provided by Terminal Reports, how can they use it to fortify their growth strategy as it pertains to their usage of other products like the Exchange? What insights or trends can agencies uncover that may impact their decisions?

Each product within the Bold Penguin product suite has been thoughtfully crafted to work together as one unified experience. Our customers that utilize the Bold Penguin Terminal in addition to the Exchange and/or a Storefront, have proven to be more successful (through our own analysis of the stories our data tells!).  The new Reports dashboard brings visibility into how well our products work together and how we support growth across each product. Within their Terminal, customers can now access robust reports about their Exchange performance. That data delivers insights into where our customers are winning with their Exchange strategy, and where they can make changes to be more successful.

3. How does customer feedback play a role in shaping the roadmap and priorities for the Terminal's development? 

As much as I like to pretend I know everything there is to know about small commercial insurance and what each agency needs (spoiler: I don’t), our customers are the experts. We firmly believe they are the biggest barometer for how our products are performing, and are the driving influence for how we evolve so we can continue to be a leader in the industry. We vet all of our major features through the lens of our customers, with live one-on-one feedback sessions, surveys, quarterly reviews, and through our Agency Council. This vetting is done early and often, so we can incorporate their feedback into what we’re building before we go live. Throughout my career I’ve found the customer’s role in the evolution of a product is a critical piece of delivering high-value features that define our customer’s success.

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