3 Questions: Kylie Hubbard Director of Data and Lead Resources, INSURICA

INSURICA's Doyenne of Data Reviews 3 Months with the Bold Penguin Terminal--and Previews the Future of Commercial Insurance


Let's discuss some of the specific needs of your clients—and how your partnership with Bold Penguin has helped INSURICA meet those needs.

Increasingly, our customers have expressed the need to engage with us digitally, while still having expert guidance on getting the right coverage for their business. With the help of the Bold Penguin Exchange and Bold Penguin Terminal, INSURICA has been able to connect with new customers across the country faster than ever. The Bold Penguin Terminal helps us serve customers more efficiently, which helps free up bandwidth for our brokers to provide the specialized knowledge and consultation that are the bedrock of INSURICA's value proposition. 

What’s the story of INSURICA’s digital transformation? How has the independent agency game changed over the past few years (and how has Bold Penguin helped your team to succeed amid the new tech landscape)?

INSURICA started our digital journey seven years ago in response to the demand to more efficiently handle small business insurance. In that time we have been able to improve service to the customer while simultaneously logging high rates of new business. Today, more small commercial buyers are seeking information via digital channels—and many of them want a more digitally-oriented sales and service experience. We as an independent agency have invested in technology to continue building our digital customer experience around the needs of our customers. The Bold Penguin Terminal is a key part of this process and we look forward to using this tool to its maximum effect.

Can you share some thoughts on what lies ahead—for INSURICA and small commercial insurance in general?

The number of small businesses seeking a digital customer experience continues to grow. The revenue generated by small business accounts is rising, too. This simultaneous “x-y axis” growth of both the marketplace and the demand for a digital customer journey presents a tremendous opportunity for agencies and brokers that are prepared to ride the wave. I believe that we are in a great position to grow with the changing small commercial market through our innovation investments. Insurtech is often looked at as both a friend and foe to the independent agency. INSURICA is committed to leveraging the powerful relationships that we’ve created during the insurtech revolution. Thanks to our dedicated teams, ownership, and partners like Bold Penguin, INSURICA can’t wait to see what the future brings.

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