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For partners looking to distribute commercial insurance online, creating a Bold Penguin product integration is a game changer.

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How We Do It

Obsessive + Experienced

Take advantage of our experience integrating thousands of products as you get started or expand on your own digital distribution expertise and experience.

Integrations Everywhere

Whether you want to sell your products to agents on the Terminal, or you have a more bespoke integration in mind, we can make it happen with our API-first strategy.

Endless Upgrades

Carrier APIs are constantly changing - new versions, new products, new underwriting standards. We handle all the technology upgrades needed to leverage new products.

Broad Distribution

Bold Penguin is the premier platform for digital commercial insurance -- take advantage of it by creating and launching products to our agent customer base.

Obsessive + Experienced

With more than 20 carriers and thousands of product combinations integrated into Bold Penguin, we’ve seen it all. One application for agents accessing multiple carriers and thousands of insurance products -- we’ve figured out how to scale all of this through a modern API architecture. We obsess over the integrations, so you don't have to.

Integrations Everywhere

Our APIs are mobile. You can connect directly to the Terminal, our interface powering thousands of quote starts every month. Or you can connect directly to a digital storefront or even your own CRM to customize product distribution workflow. It’s your digital insurance world, we are just facilitating it.

Trusted & Experienced

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Endless Upgrades

Carrier APIs are constantly changing -- new versions, new products, new underwriting standards. Maintaining a connection between Carrier APIs and outside partners is a full-time job and then some. Bold Penguin is dedicated to constantly upgrading in lockstep with our carrier partners so that agencies get the latest and greatest, maintenance free. Don't spend your time worrying about technical upkeep -- instead, focus on ways to supercharge your growth in small commercial insurance!

Eager Agents

The Bold Penguin platform is powered by three parties: small businesses looking for insurance, agents that have embraced digital quote and bind, and you, the insurer ready to bring products online. Whether you favor sub-appointments through Bold Penguin, or direct appointments, the Terminal is full of digital-first agents ready to receive your quotes.

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