Bold Penguin Celebrates Women's History Month

Insurance Business Leaders' Insights on the Power of Purpose and Inclusion


In recognition of Women’s History Month, we invited three accomplished insurance leaders to share their stories and their passionate commitment to building successful organizations through the power of inclusion.

"I started my agency 6 years ago after a 9 year career in corporate, taking the leap into agency ownership was not an easy decision to make. I knew for a while that I was interested in being an entrepreneur but leaving a comfortable salary and steady career seemed crazy! Now looking back it was the best decision that I made for me and my family. I love helping my customers figure out the best insurance solutions for their unique situations" - Megan Flanagan Mills, Owner, Flanagan Mills Insurance Agency

"In order to transform our industry we need the collective brainpower of our heroes and she-roes. Our industry is an attractive place to work, offering many exciting opportunities for any background, skillset or interest. At Joyn, we embrace and celebrate the differences that we all bring to the table because these differences enable us to spring forward." - Seraina Macia, CEO of Joyn Insurance

“No matter your past, education, upbringing, or how much money you have in your bank account, it's all irrelevant. What matters is your heart, how you treat others, your grit, dedication, your belief in yourself, and how hard you are willing to work to get what you want. Women were born with the innate ability to discern, nurture, and have compassion, all while leading others. This could be leading a home, a classroom, a team, a business, or a fortune 500 company. We were made unique and special. Women were born to do amazing things and we ALL have it in us.” - Emily Gerber Poe, Owner, Gerber Insurance & Financial Services

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