Q&A with Pam Haaser

Our new Head of Engagement shares her story


We don’t just endeavor to change the commercial insurance space; we  want to be a positive influence in the lives of our greatest assets — our people. Enter, Pam Haaser, talent engagement extraordinaire. From HR and staff relations to professional development and wellness initiatives, Pam dedicates her career to keeping our penguins healthy, happy, and productive. Recently, she took a few minutes to answer some of our questions:

What made you pick a career in talent engagement?

I spent several years in the recruiting space, and I lit up with excitement every time I was able to provide coaching or mentorship to help people achieve their goals. I also loved watching them hit milestones and develop over the years. Eventually, I realized that recruiting and professional development were two very different functions, each requiring a dedicated person. Helping others achieve their dreams is a natural instinct for me, so I chose to give my full focus to talent engagement.

What attracted you to Bold Penguin?

Years ago, I worked for a nonprofit startup and loved being a part of building a new company. Bold Penguin was my opportunity to do it again. I had 13 years invested in the company I was with, but the same question kept swirling around inside my head. Are you going to be bold or play it safe? I chose to be bold.

What does an average day at the office look like for you?

Right now, I’m helping to get processes and systems in place that will help make everyone’s daily lives a little easier. Sometimes I have coffee with a new hire to make sure things are going well, or I bridge communications between departments. I also spend a lot of time planning talent engagement activities like our wellness program.

How do you plan to shape the future of Bold Penguin?

I want Bold Penguin to be a place where people are genuinely excited to come to work; a place where people stay long-term. To create that, we need the right culture, people, and opportunities for growth. More importantly, people need to feel valued.

What would you say to get somebody interested or excited about commercial insurance?

Starting a business is laden with hurdles, and each one represents a serious risk. It's exciting, but it's also terrifying. One of the last obstacles that entrepreneurs cross is commercial insurance, and it often trips them up. I love that my company removes that hurdle from the race. We help business owners get on their feet and become the frontrunners of their industry.

What makes a technology company successful?

Having strong technical skills is not enough to have a successful technology company. You also need deep business knowledge, an environment that embodies innovation, and people who are passionate about the company mission. You can’t have just one piece; you need them all.

What is your favorite thing about Bold Penguin?

I love that Bold Penguin is where growth is constant and innovation truly thrives.

What's the boldest thing you've ever done?

A couple of years ago, I went on a mission trip to a remote village in Africa. I don't do wildlife, and I'm highly appreciative of conveniences, so I knew the trip was going to be a challenge. The village didn't have running water or sanitation lines, the food was scarce, and the experience took me way outside of my comfort zone. But I gained such a valuable perspective. It's so important to take advantage of the opportunities that we are given because not everyone gets them.

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