New Agent Portal Press Release

October 20, 2020

Announcing New Agent Portal at BoldPenguin


Bold Penguin, a Columbus, Ohio-based startup, today has announced the launch of a new insurance agent commercial-focused portal. Their product offers solutions in areas of underwriting efficiency, customer retention and management; plus, risk data aggregation, and more. While quietly working on innovative products for the insurance industry, Bold Penguin has been able to make progress with over 2,000 independent and captive insurance agents, as well as brokers throughout the country.

Small, midmarket, and enterprise businesses continually express distaste for the tediousness of paperwork filled out by hand. "It’s 2016, the digital age should have fixed a lot of this by now", says Founder and CEO Ilya Bodner. The new portal, available by invite only, allows the insurance agent and carrier to streamline the quoting, binding, and, servicing elements of new and existing policies—an area of major friction for not only them, but also clients.

Ohio is known for being an insurance hotbed with juggernauts, like Nationwide Insurance and Progressive, calling it home. The company employs a team of mostly virtual employees which Bodner refers to as “DigiTechInsurePreneurs”. The hope is to move everyone to a central Ohio office sometime in 2016.

“We are happy with the progress we’ve made in this version of the agent portal. A lot of support was given by our carrier partners, investors, and the agent channel itself. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our brilliant team — we’ve lost a lot of sleep,” says Bodner. “There are a number of products and services that we are constantly tinkering with. This particular one for the agents is going to be a game-changer in the commercial insurance space.”

Future-state insurance companies need tools to support their ever-changing and growing book of business. Bold Penguin is delivering on just that by continually focusing on pushing the boundaries for the evolution of the insurance industry. Learn more at

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