Podcast: Good is Fine, Right?

October 20, 2020

Let's talk about the composure of a good agent, and what turns them into a great agent.

Our lust for conversations with agents continues with more planes, trains, and automobiles. Our travels have expanded to places across the US like Seattle, Orange County, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Miami, and even more times to rural cities most won’t recognize. We wined, dined, and enjoyed many conversations with agents of varying levels­­—either starting, maintaining, growing, or dominating. Although the conversations were wildly disparate, we were able to determine a common theme—there is a major difference between a good agent and a great agent.

Good is fine, right? Sure, we’re not disagreeing. But that slight nudge to great is what changes a business from “maintaining” to “dominating”. You see, a great agent is a lifelong learner and an explorer with a curious mind.

A great agent picks up every call and gives every conversation a chance. We even see this success curve difference with the campaigns we run on behalf of agents. Those that quickly answer each and every question as if it may be an opportunity are far more successful than those that take a haphazard approach. 

There are a lot of good agents out there and they’re wonderful people. They have success and wealth, they truly care about their customers, and they have valid views on insurance.  But the future of insurance is looking for more than “good”, it’s looking for great. And a great agent is truly going to thrive.


Stay tuned for more on that. 

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