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Casual work environment and attire
• Company outings and events
• Professional development is supported and encouraged
• Choose your equipment and software
• Snacks, coffee, and happy hours
• Lunch provided one day a week
• Flexible schedule
• No micromanagement
• Six days paid vacation
• Month-long sabbatical at five-year anniversary
• 50% of health insurance premiums covered
• And Many More


Send & Receive Partners


Paid to Send Partners

Bold Penguin is the insurtech innovator based in Columbus, Ohio that rapidly increases speed-to-bind for commercial insurance. In 2016, we launched a highly efficient exchange that enhances the connections between businesses, agents, and carriers—reducing friction in the buying process for everyone. Integrating technology with the human touch. In a nutshell, you are able to join the exchange as a Send Side or a Receive Side Partner.  We are able to run the application through our high tech, high touch approach and match it with the best agent & carrier combination.


Customer acquisition is expensive and if you don't have an outlet to monetize every interaction it can feel like a losing battle. Our exchange is here to help you make the most of every interaction and provide a way to generate profit off of every business who has an insurance need.

Who uses the Exchange

Insurance Carriers

Insurance companies use the exchange to find an elegant solution for risks that fall outside of their appetite. We're able to match those customers with the right quote in record time.

Insurance Agencies

Independent and captive insurance agents use the exchange to source business they like to write, and offload opportunities they can't or won't be able to service.

Financial Services Companies

Companies that do not sell insurance but offer other financial services to small businesses use the exchange to offer additional solutions to their client base by offering a variety of options in commercial insurance.

Marketplaces and Websites

Bold Penguin's technology enables our channel partner's websites to make sure business owners find the best insurance by matching them with the right agent in record time.

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How can I maximize my revenue?
If you are buying or selling higher quality of a prospect dictates the price.  The higher quality of the prospects that you send into our exchange the higher your match rate will be and the more money you will make.

How do I get reports, results and get paid?
Each prospect has an assigned price with it.  You get a revenue share or a flat referral fee for each, tracked through thorough reporting and shared on a monthly basis.

How do we get started?
Simply click here to request a demo and we'll be in touch to walk you through the process.

"Bold Penguin has been extremely easy to integrate with. It's great to see old school insurance expertise and cutting edge tech together in one company."

-Bryan O'Connell
CEO | Co-Founder
"We can do more with less because of Bold Penguin."

-Parker Beauchamp
"We admire the technology and data platform that Bold Penguin has built to solve the biggest challenge in commercial lines insurance distribution today."

-Seth Birnbaum