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Create a digital distribution strategy to reach thousands of agents

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The Problem

You know it’s time for your insurance company to take the next step in your digital evolution and start offering online commercial insurance products. Small business insurance is the obvious starting point, as your partner agencies are screaming to reduce the friction to quote and bind a policy. But that requires an online distribution network, and APIs, and who knows what else. Where do you start? 

The Solution

You start at Bold Penguin. We have been integrating commercial insurance carrier products into the Bold Penguin platform since the dawn of insurtech (okay, that was 2016, but you get the point). We have worked with leading insurance carriers, like biBERK, Nationwide, Travelers and Liberty Mutual, to connect APIs and build the infrastructure needed for commercial insurance -- our work has resulted in over 3,000,000 quotes. And now we are working with some of the new entrants, like Pathpoint, Coterie and Cowbell Cyber. When you are ready to make a bold move, you start with Bold Penguin.

Case Study

116% increase in quote starts

After introducing its Workers Compensation product on Bold Penguin, biBERK saw 116% increase in its quote starts.

“Bold Penguin has allowed us to have a footprint across the United States that we wouldn't have had through our other platforms.”

Geneie Andrews
biBERK, Director of Partnerships

Why It Works

We Have (Nearly) Seen it All

What we are doing -- bringing thousands of underwriting decision points online -- is a task that should not be underestimated. The Bold Penguin team has the bumps and bruises from past experiences to remind us that we have seen a lot, but we haven’t seen it all. As you unveil your unique commercial insurance strategy, we are ready to tackle problems with you head on.

We Have (Nearly) Mapped it All

Business classification is one of our favorite insurance topics. With thousands of NAICS codes, each carrier views business classification differently. At this point, we have seen so many iterations of business classification systems to know that no two carriers are the same. You, the insurance carrier, will benefit from our extensive work digitizing the business classification process and all the other underwriting processes that go into commercial insurance.

Our Technology Scales

The old saying goes, “Digital insurance was not conquered in a day.” We have partnered with insurance carriers every step of the way on the digital journey. Whether you are building out your first API, moving from a captive to independent agent network (or vice versa) or even launching a new product, we can help you with best practices and battle-tested technical solutions.

We Have the Power of Distribution

The Bold Penguin platform has the biggest commercial insurance distribution in the United States. We have helped agents acquire over 3,000,000 quotes to date. Looking forward, this is only the tip of the iceberg as a significant portion of the small commercial insurance marketplace has yet to come online. And we will be here with the winning solution as the industry moves to digital distribution.

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