Use Case

Go Digital and Make Small Business Quoting Easy and Profitable

Customers using the Terminal

The Problem

Small businesses need insurance but your agency can’t profitably quote and bind these accounts. First you have to fill out an application, then you have to log in to each carrier portal and answer additional questions and finally you are left to wait...and wait...and wait. By the time you get back quotes, the small business may have moved on and you have spent too much time on an archaic process to get an insurance policy.

The Solution

A Bold Penguin Terminal allows an agent to complete one application and transparently review quotes throughout the application process. With one application and real-time eligibility, an agent will immediately receive underwriting answers. Many of our customers close small business prospects in one call.

Case Study

30 Minutes to Quote and Bind

Since adopting a Bold Penguin Terminal, Satanoff Agency’s time to close a small business prospect has dropped to 30 minutes.

"Within three months of using Bold Penguin, our premium and opportunities were steadily increasing and it really did help us rethink how we were going to approach small business insurance." 

Lee Satanoff
President, Satanoff Insurance Agency

Why It Works

Get Business Class Right

The first step of getting a commercial insurance quote is business classification. Your agency will get it right every time with Bold Penguin's intuitive business classification system. Instead of guessing, our machine learning-powered classification system will help you start your application process on the right foot.

Save Time Completing Applications

Our team has worked hard to combine multiple carrier question sets into one streamlined application process. Gather information and fill out an application in real time about your small business and move on to the quoting process as quickly as possible.

Access New Carriers

Many Terminal customers start out by leveraging Bold Penguin sub-appointments to access the widest commercial insurance options available. Terminal customers can also leverage direct appointments as well. In the event that a non-admitted market is necessary, Terminal users can export a completed ACORD application and pursue offline options.

Share Multiple Quotes

If you shop for a toothbrush online, you expect multiple options.  Buying commercial insurance should work the same way. Agencies using the Bold Penguin Terminal can leverage multiple carrier options and quotes for each small business submission. We obsess over getting you the most quotes possible so you can present these options to your customer. Nice, huh?

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