Use Case

Buy Prospects and Watch Small Business Insurance Take Off

Customers using the Exchange

The Problem

Your agency has figured out how to profitably quote and bind small business insurance. But there's one little problem -- you need to find more small businesses that need insurance. Walking down main street certainly won't work. And no one responds to unsolicited emails these days. Your agency has tried cold leads. But when it comes to commercial insurance, cold leads hardly ever convert into customers.

The Solution

The Bold Penguin Exchange delivers warm, quotable small business prospects directly to your agents. Where cold leads are ice cold, we warm up our prospects by getting them on the phone and confirming intent to buy insurance. In the process, we also input general business information into your Terminal application. When your agency receives a quotable prospect, not only is the small business ready to buy, but the application process is partially completed and handed off to you.

Case Study

200% increase in volume

Since adopting Bold Penguin, LeavittLink's small business insurance application volume has increased 200%.

"The Bold Penguin solution gives us a high-energy injection of speed and efficiency so that we can quote and bind customers more quickly." 

Dennis Freire
LeavittLink, President

Why It Works

Filter and Bid

When you purchase the Exchange, you can set up filters and bid amounts to optimize the prospects we send to you. You can establish filters across states, business classes and other categories to target small businesses that you prefer. And you can establish the price you want to pay to ensure your profitable success.

Ready to Talk

With the Exchange, you don't receive a list of small business emails. Instead, a Bold Penguin Customer Service Representative will call your agency and directly connect you to a small business ready to buy commercial insurance. You see the difference, right?

Sent to your Terminal

When we connect you to a small business, we not only connect you on the phone, but we also send general business information into an application. With general information already collected, all you have to do is coach the business through insurance questions and quotes.

Ready to Grow

Once you have built a profitable small business unit, the Exchange can send more prospects your way. As the largest commercial insurance exchange on the planet, we can supply the small businesses if you can provide them with the insurance expertise they desire.

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