Use Case

Build with Terminal Enterprise Edition to Generate Organic Growth

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The Problem

You have been around the small business insurance block and you know what it takes to run a successful insurance operation. Now you are ready to supercharge your efforts by collecting organic small business leads that immediately transition to a quote and bind experience while powering the quoting experience of independent agents. Your agents are trained but they just need access to more small businesses and seamless quoting technology. How can you optimize your insurance selling experience and capitalize on your dynamic brand presence in the insurance marketplace?

The Solution

Build with Bold Penguin Terminal Enterprise Edition for a streamlined quote and bind experience. Small business owners attracted to your brand can automatically input business information that transfers to an agent. Then your agents can leverage a customized quote and bind experience that allows for customized workflow and access to hand-selected carriers.

Case Study

Delivering Speed, Ease and Efficiency

Read to see how Bold Penguin teamed up with Nationwide® to develop a new platform to enable a better user experience for small-business owners and agents.

“We are enabling technology to leverage data and digital capabilities to customize for agents and know this will help them grow their business.”

Mark Berven
Nationwide, COO Property & Casualty

Why It Works

Attract Organic Leads

If you have a big brand, it’s only natural that small businesses will look to you for insurance. Leverage your brand with a digital storefront that creates a funnel into your automated quoting experience. The small businesses and agents you work with will thank you!

Sell Out-of-Appetite Businesses

What do you do when you find a unique business that doesn’t fit your underwriting strategy? You can sell out-of-appetite businesses into the Bold Penguin Exchange. In doing so, you will ensure each business is connected to a Customer Success Advocate and insurance agent that can track down a quote from the right carrier.

Make Quoting Flow

Your brand is not only big, but you also have likely identified underwriting optimizations through years of experience. Through this knowledge, you know how to handle digital quoting opportunities in unique ways. With Terminal Enterprise Edition workflow customizations, you can bake in this knowledge to your digital small business insurance operations.

Supplement with the Exchange

In some cases, you may want to identify even more small businesses that fit your underwriting strategy. In that case, you can leverage the Bold Penguin Exchange to buy prospects that are automatically transferred to your Terminal quoting experience.

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