Hey, congrats on starting your new insurance agency! 

With a Bold Penguin Terminal, many new agencies sign up and start quoting small business insurance in the same day. From access to new carriers to quoting in 10 minutes, here are a couple reasons why you should set up a demo.

Access New Carriers

As a new agency, you need access to commercial insurance carriers in order to quote a small business. With a Bold Penguin Terminal, we can provide sub-appointments to leading insurance carriers so you can start working with small businesses in no time.

Quote in Minutes

By leveraging a Bold Penguin Terminal, you can complete one application in 10 minutes to access your newly-connected insurance carriers. You small business customers will appreciate the quick turnaround time.

How much time could you save?

Bold Pengiun Time Savings Calculation:


Agencies using Bold Penguin report a time savings of 43 minutes per quote. If you quote 15 businesses a month, you could save 129 hours! 

Per Month
w/o BP
with BP
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