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The Bold Penguin Terminal is built for agents who are ready to digitally quote and bind business, more efficiently. Nationwide will reimburse 50% of the cost of small business prospects in the Bold Penguin Terminal for qualifying agents through the Growth Dollars program.

"We love Bold Penguin small business prospects. We buy prospects and quote and bind them right in the Bold Penguin Terminal in record time. It’s so simple and fast."

-Rebecca Ricciardi, Agency Operations Manager, The Satanoff Agency

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Ready to grow your business? See first hand how you can add new small business prospects
as part of the Bold Penguin Terminal. If you qualify through the Nationwide Growth Dollars program,
what are you waiting for?

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Bold Penguin has powered over 3.5 million quote starts. Through a process perfected since 2016, Bold Penguin connects with small businesses, converts them into quotable prospects and passes them to a qualified insurance agency.

Agents set criteria to identify small business prospects that fit an agency's appetite

Bold Penguin Customer Service Reps connect with small businesses and collect info 

Bold Penguin passes qualified small businesses to insurance agents for digital quoting


Quotable prospects are seamlessly handed to agents in the Bold Penguin Terminal. You fill out one application and receive real time quotes from the world's most reputable insurance carriers. Then we bridge you to the carrier to complete the bind.

Save time with a single application for
multi-line and multi-carrier rating.

Leverage your direct appointments and
start quoting with your carriers in minutes.

Broad access to top carriers and
expansive suite of products.

Buy prospects to grow your book, sell prospects
that fall outside your agency's appetite.

Go from quote to bind 300% faster.

Get Reimbursed
50% of ProsPect Costs

up to Growth Dollars allowance
subject to program rules and guidelines.

Bold Penguin is an approved vendor of the Nationwide Growth Dollars program. Subject to program guidelines Bold Penguin will share prospect detail as required by Nationwide solely to enable participating agents to be reimbursed.

Ready TO GROW 

See first hand how you can add new small business prospects as part of the
Bold Penguin Terminal. If you are a Nationwide qualified Growth Dollars agent,
what are you waiting for?

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