If you are an independent agent looking for an intelligent, single software solution that can be individually customized to how your agency quotes and binds commercial insurance – look no further.

Fill out our Universal Application, carriers can then be ranked, coverage can be organized, and bindable quotes will appear consistently across your entire organization.


Our dynamic question set is seamlessly integrated with each carrier's required data set to provide unified data across each platform.

Using the Exchange will eliminate the need for double data entry through multiple carrier portals. Information on a risk is entered through a single application and one or more carrier quotes will consistently appear.


Bold Penguin operates the largest commercial insurance exchange that connects businesses, agents, and carriers to the right quote in record time.

By being part of the Bold Penguin Exchange any agency, brokerage, carrier or insurtech can either send or receive prospects verified by Bold Penguin that meet the organizations appetite.  We have a unique two step process that ingests applications from a sending partner and delivers a verified and vetted customer on the other side to the receiving party.


By creating neutral infrastructure, the Bold Penguin platform can connect you to a broad and expanding list of carriers.

Gain market access to top insurance carriers, like biBERK, CNA, Hiscox, Markel and others. You can leverage true sub-appointments with your own carrier credentials. Or leverage your direct appointments to quote and bind with your preferred carriers of choice. The world is your insurance oyster! 

Integrate now

Bold Penguin works with some of largest and best known commercial insurance carriers to deliver their insurance products into the right hands. By integrating your product(s) with the Bold Penguin solution a carrier can reach greater distribution in a controlled and predictable manner.  

The online or offline integration is highly customized to the technical capabilities of the BOP, Bond, Commercial Auto, Commercial Property, Workers Comp, General Liability, Professional Liability, or Cyber coverages.


Insurance Intelligence at Bold Penguin is the next evolution in our efforts to make commercial insurance faster, more efficient, and more informative.  

A team of data scientists, software engineers, and commercial insurance experts  are leveraging ML and AI to solve new problems, including data enhancement, form extraction and policy language analysis. Solutions are embedded in the Exchange to accelerate quote and bind. Insurance Intelligence also delivers standalone solutions to carriers and brokers via APIs.



For market access
Access is great for agencies looking for market access options.

Includes Admitted Markets with Bold Penguin sub-appointments.


For direct appointments
Connect is the premier single-entry, mutiple carrier interface for triaging and quoting commercial risks.

Includes Admitted Markets with your own Direct Appointments or Bold Penguin sub-appointments.


For quotable prospects
Connect Plus is the ideal solution for growing your book of business through pre-matched risks.

Includes Admitted Markets, E&S, and MGA/Wholesale access.


For custom storefronts
Enterprise powers the largest carriers, agencies and contact centers for maximum efficiency and customization.

“We were pleased by the level of involvement and sophistication of the Bold Penguin engineering team. For both sides this was a big undertaking and the technology centric approach to small commercial is very refreshing.”
“Bold Penguin is a great partner for Mylo because of their innovative platform and our shared values and vision. We’re excited to partner with Bold Penguin to leverage their technology and work with their highly talented team as we build robust digital experiences for our customers.”
“Bold Penguin continues to be a tech-first approach to small commercial. We are happy to see our partnership with them expand and the engineering teams finding new ways to stay on the cutting edge.”
“We’ve always been pleased with the quality of Bold Penguin’s product and the professionalism of their staff.”
“Bold Penguin allows us to send in what we can’t write and receive just the right type of prospect in exchange. This allows us to have a solution for everyone entering the storefront either on our site, via our call center, or connecting with us directly.”
"We love collaborating with the Bold Penguin team. They're super responsive, flexible, and an overall great partner."

Get exactly what you ask for, it's that simple.

Our advanced filtering allows you to receive verified prospects that match your expectations. Setup your filters to target the exact types of businesses you can write effectively. Filters can be based on NAICs, coverages, size of business, location, etc.

Earn a profit from clients that don't suit your appetite.

Our advanced filtering allows you to receive verified prospects that match your expectations. Setup your filters to target the exact types of businesses you can write effectively. Filters can be based on NAICs, coverages, size of business, location, etc.