BOLDPENGUIN is a fast growing, Columbus, Ohio based company changing the commercial insurance landscape.
Welcome to our waddle.
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Our company is comprised of insurance experts, technologists, and creative thinkers who all have one goal: pushing the boundaries in commercial insurance. We're seeking team members who are ready to focus, take calculated risks, and be accountable for their decisions.  If you want an environment where your best ideas will come to fruition, Bold Penguin is home for you.

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Perks & Benefits

Casual work environment and attire
• Company outings and events
• Professional development is supported and encouraged
• Choose your equipment and software
• Snacks, coffee, and happy hours
• Lunch provided one day a week
• Flexible schedule
• No micromanagement
• Six days paid vacation
• Month-long sabbatical at five-year anniversary
• 50% of health insurance premiums covered
• And Many More


We value a fun and dynamic atmosphere that is low-key, open, and forward-thinking. We have some nice perks, too.

Snacks on Snacks

We know the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, so we always have a variety of sweet and healthy snacks stocked. And, of course, they're free. We also provide a catered lunch on Mondays, so you can get your week started right.

Drink Local

We're proud to support local brewers and roasters. Our mornings are fueled by local roasters such as Crimson Cup, Brioso, or Stauf’s, and happy hours often feature the latest craft brew.

Dress for Your Success

Dress up or dress down, it's your call. We will institute casual Fridays, or make you pay to wear jeans. Whatever makes you comfortable (within reason, of course), works for us.

Choose Your Axe

MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface, or that latest Dell XPS Ultrabook (along with your favorite software). Prefer a keyboard with mechanical keys? Or maybe just a magic trackpad? We want you to do your best work, and to do the best work you need the best tools.

OUr Focus

­We support you. Your health and growth as a professional are the foundation of our company.

Time Off Is Important

We have better things to do than waste a bunch of time micromanaging your time out of the office. Time off is paramount to creating brain space that makes you better when you are in the office. Climb mountains, go sky diving, or hang out at the beach— just share your stories with us when you get back. We are closed for six holidays, too.

We're Flexible. Well, Figuratively.

It's 2018, and we understand the value of flexibility. We'll never chastise you for dipping out to run an important errand or manning the fort at home while the handyman is fixing something. As long as the work is getting done and you have given someone the heads up, it's cool with us. Of course, some customer-facing jobs do have fixed schedules to ensure that our customers are taken care of just as well as our team.

Stay Healthy

We're scrappy and get a ton of work done. But we don't believe in compromising your health for the sake of productivity. If you're sick, stay home. Need to go to the doctor? Go for it. After 90 days of employment, we pay 50% of health insurance premiums for you and your family.

Parental Leave

Bold Penguin is proud to support growing families. A paid parental leave is available to birth and adoptive parents and spouses during the first 12 weeks following the birth or adoption of a child. We will help plan for your time away, so that you can focus on your new family.

Sabbaticals. You’ve Earned It.

Been here five years? That's a long time and we appreciate you. Work with your manager and make a plan to take a month off. Use the time to grow, hike the Appalachian trail or donate your time to your favorite non-profit and make the world a better place. We'll support you.

OUr Glacier

Our group of penguins believe that together we can revolutionize the commercial insurance industry.

Company Events

Work smart, play hard. We have regular events inside and outside of the office. Bowling, company parties, and happy hours at your favorite local watering holes. None of it mandatory. We like each other, it's weird.

Continued Education

We support you getting smarter, always. Training and professional development are actively encouraged. Continual growth not only makes you better, but it defines us. Certifications, training, professional memberships, and conferences-we'll cover it, even the materials.

Giving Back

We have learned a lot from our peers using Open Source software. As we continue to grow and build better products for our customers, it's essential for us to give back to the community. We regularly contribute back to Open Source projects, write articles, and speak at conferences.