the largest commercial insurance exchange.

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At Bold Penguin, we use a collection of tried-and-true principles to make everyday decisions about what we build and how we build it. These principles shape how we approach problems, how we run our technical operations, and how we efficiently scale our team.

Cliff Notes

Meet Frank Lamantia, before he became our CTO.

A quick Q & A with Frank Lamantia about his work ethic. (He still has the same views now as CTO.)

We're passionate about our programmable interfaces.

Read more about our co-founder Ben Clarke discussing the Programmable Quoting Interfaces being developed.

Thinking about the future of commercial insurance.

Let's face it - commercial insurance isn't sexy. To own it, you need discipline.

Security, availability, and performance.

These matter a lot at Bold Penguin. DevOps is a real thing and security is top of mind.

Quality of life in testing.

On-Demand Test Environments make the developer experience a better place.


We're always busy working on documenting our platform. Make sure to review our Developer Portal.

Use Cases

In order to upgrade an industry, you often need the biggest names to adopt your way of thinking. We are fortunate enough to have adoption from some names you've heard of and maybe some names you haven't. As an engineering organization, it is always important to us to think pragmatically and to develop technology with the customer in mind.

We started out in Columbus, Ohio (on a patio, actually) and have quickly expanded. While we have a HQ in downtown Columbus, our engineering team is 100% remote and we plan to stay that way.

Regardless of where you're at, if you're interested in joining a high-caliber team, please apply for any of the positions on our careers page.

Perks & Benefits

Casual work environment and attire
• Company outings and events
• Professional development is supported and encouraged
• Choose your equipment and software
• Snacks, coffee, and happy hours
• Lunch provided one day a week
• Flexible schedule
• No micromanagement
• Six days paid vacation
• Month-long sabbatical at five-year anniversary
• 50% of health insurance premiums covered
• And Many More