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Bold Penguin acquires Insureon independent marketplace to continue its market leading business insurance platform.

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What We Do

Bold Penguin products help insurance people successfully quote and bind small business insurance policies with the click of a few buttons.

From the largest carriers integrating products, like Nationwide and Progressive, to digital agencies, like Mylo and LeavittLink, and everything in between, we have a solution that will help you start and grow your small business insurance practice.

We can get you started quoting in one day; connect your product within weeks; or accelerate your small business insurance profit engine through new prospects.



Everything you need to quote and bind

Enterprise Edition

Scale your small business insurance operation


Find small business prospects


Build your own shopping experience

Who we work with

Whether you are looking for more small business prospects, a more efficient way to quote and bind, or digital distribution for your products, Bold Penguin has the solution for you.

Bold Penguin products are designed to quote, grow, and customize as your business expands.

Quote Quickly

Technology to Help You Get Immediate Carrier Access

Through unique carrier partnerships, Bold Penguin can get you instant access to the world’s largest commercial insurance carriers. You can also maximize the value of your direct relationships. Either way, we can have you quoting online on the same day.

Set up to Succeed

Our onboarding process is streamlined, from signing a contract to carrier appointments and agent training. Many of our customers sign up and quote on the same day!

Seamless Design

Our intuitive Terminal design makes it simple and easy to complete one application and return multiple quotes for each small business.

Battle Tested

We work with the largest carriers, the biggest brokers, and smallest, most nimble agencies to make sure we return the right quote every time.

Trusted & Experienced

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Grow Profitably

Solutions to Deliver More Customers and Products

The small business insurance market is constantly evolving and Bold Penguin can help you make moves. Whether you are focused on finding new small business prospects, adding new carrier products, or leveraging data science solutions, our products have your covered.

Carrier Integration

Thousands of insurance products make Bold Penguin the most robust small business insurance platform. We onboard carrier products quickly and give customers instant access.

Filled with Prospects

The Exchange connects insurance agents with small businesses ready to buy insurance through the Bold Penguin Terminal.

Engineered for Data

Bold Penguin's data science team creates solutions to supplement, fill, and evaluate business and insurance coverage information.

Customize Boldly

Build the Digital Insurance Solution You Want

When you are ready to build the small business insurance solution of your dreams, take advantage of the Bold Penguin toolkit. You can create new workflows, slick storefronts and track data beyond your wildest dreams. Okay, maybe not, but we do have a lot of data!

Find Particular Prospects

Customize your ideal small business profile so that you receive prospects that fit your appetite. Whether you prefer icemakers in Alaska or sand sculptors in Arizona, we can help you identify the right prospects.

Workflows that Work

If you are a small business insurance master, you have accumulated short cuts. Bold Penguin can incorporate these into your workflow, helping you save precious time when completing applications or talking to customers.

Design a Storefront

When small businesses start flocking to you, it’s time to build a digital storefront. Set up your own branded application site that seamlessly connects to your quote and bind Terminal.

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